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my first blog

books for u…i am not sure if anyone would ever see my Blog but then i am going to give it a try.A crazy Book lover i will try to give u a preview of a my favorite books….incase u think i can do better plz leave a comment. i will try working on your comments….


2 responses to “my first blog

  1. Anonymous

    hi hiritha….vaibhav pai( here.i am an engg student in bmsce,blore.i liked your blog….please suggest me some good books to read….so far my interests have been a christie,h potter,paul cohello,perry mason,ruskin bond,dan brown….just for a beginning….just let me know some wonderful books for boys…..pls send the names to the above address….bye

  2. madhumsr

    Hi HK, the way you wrote describing about a book story was interesting, I never read any books but I love to read books but did not give a try, cas Im so lazy to read regular books in that case. But I alays think whats there in some books where people love them a lots…. forces of nature, all those romantic love stories books and non fiction books I like but sadly never read one.I want to read a book where true love fails didy ou come across that kind book? Well true love never fails. But in terms of this materialistics world (marriage, etc., in terms of failure)Please let me know or any kind of books which is Interesting.bye and tc and very nice reading your blog.

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