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My First Trip

My first trip away from Hyderabad and without my parents was to Tirupathi

We stared in Hyderabad on the 8th of December in a train. Me and Chaitu started in Padmavathi Express around 5:30 PM IST. we reached Tirumala around 9:00 AM of the 9th December.

I took a hotel room in Tirupathi in a hotel called ‘Bliss’, it was an good hotel, they were calling me every minute to offer service and to check if i needed something else.

Later in the morning we traveled in a bus to a small village about 70 Kms from Tirumala called ‘Kanipakham’. That place had a nice long story. The picture on the right is that of the temple.

Later that evening we went to another temple near Tirumala called ‘Thriuchanur’, here they worship Goddess ‘Alivli Manga’, She is the wife of Lord Venkateshwara. The picture on the left is that of the Temple.

Had Dinner in Hotel Bliss.

The Next Day

On the 10th of December we started at 5:30 Am and started our walk to Tirupathi, We visited a
few small temples on the hill, we started our trip of 3550 Steps, 7 hills and 9KMs walk. the picture on the right was the photo of Tirupathi from Tirumala before we started walking, that was the destination (It turned out these light were halfway to Tirupathi on the second hill).

The walk was good in the beginning, we stared without breakfast as it was too early to have breakfast. it took us about 5 hrs to walk all the way, and as luck would have it, it was chilly in the morning when we started but not so cold, a hour later we had thick Fog where the visibility was less that 15 Feet and we thought it can’t get any worse then it started raining……………..
I was hungry, cold and drenched, but it was still fun walking. Finally we reached Tirupathi around 11:00 in the morning, we had Awesome Breakfast on the hill and visited few other temples, the picture on the left was clicked around 2:30 in the noon. We went to the main temple around 3:30 in the noon, it was really crowded and people just pushed us. I met this nice couple from vijayawada who helped me get out of the crowd. By the time we came out of the temple it was 5:20 and I missed My Train……………..

It was foggy and the rainy, finally we caught a bus and reached to Tirupathi and there wasn’t a drop of rain or Fog. Finally got a Volvo at 8:30 back to Hyderabad

Reached home finally on 11the December around 8:00 AM. The bus journey was bad but lets not talk about it 🙂


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  1. madhumsr

    they were calling me every minute to offer service and to check if i needed something else. nice niceyou were with another family from vijayawada???? did not get you.How come volvo bus journey was not good. Too cold or what? or any bad experience?

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