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Kay Hooper – Finding Laura

When Laura Sutherland, a commercial artist and self-described loner, buys an antique mirror at the Kilbourne estate sale, it’s the find of a lifetime. But when Peter Kilbourne insists that she sell it back and later turns up dead Laura becomes the prime suspect. Determined to clear her name and uncover Peter’s reason for wanting the mirror back, she will breach the iron gates of the Kilbourne estate. Laura is drawn into the Kilbournes’ world and finds herself immediately attracted to the enigmatic Daniel Kilbourne. There she will find that each family member has something to hide. Laura works her way into the family mansion, where deceit has been passed down like an heirloom and only mirrors do not lie. Which one of them looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of a killer? And which one will choose Laura to be the next to die? Laura learns more about the mysterious mirror. Eventually, she uncovers a secret that threatens her life and that of the man she has loved across time itself.

This book is a wonderful… It really takes you away in to a dream. It a must read if you like Kay Hooper.


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