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GO Goa!!

This Year I decided to turn 23 at Goa. So after long discussions and calls I was at Goa with Priya.

Goa was a great place to be. The Sun, Sand and the beach…We took a hotel room in a place which was 5 mins walk from Calangute beach. The walk to the beach was lined with tiny over prices stores selling things from Kashmiri shawls to semi-precious stones.

Later in the day, we decide to take a Sount Goa tour as i was keen on seeing the most places and we decided a paid tour was the best was to see all of Goa in a short time. The south Goa Trip started with Miramar beach followed by a visit to Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and followed by lunch at a Lil Goan resturant (Though we ate Pujnabi Food), and followed by a visit to a old Portuguese house. The house was amazing It was going back about 100 years in time.

We ended the trip by going to Clova beach also known as the silver beach. Later we took a cruise on ‘Santa Monica’, a cruise ship on the Sea. The Boat ride was alright but not so much fun. Th host was a young guy with a fake accent and the DJ wore dark glasses after the Sun set :).

On Day 2 We decided to see the modern part of Goa North Goa. We stared our day with a boat ride into the sea to catch sight of dolphins. It was interesting trip, and a trip worth taking. later we went visiting the Fort Aguda. It has a church, a lighthouse and barracks (Aguada Jail) along the beachside. Sinquerim is the beach that lies below the fort. Many famous movies were shot here and one of them happens to be ‘Dil Chatha Hai”. Also we visited the Temple of Shri Mangesh, a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located on a hillock at Priol – in Ponda Taluka. Though small, the temple has an air of distinct elegance and its lofty white tower is a landmark of the countryside. We had lunch on Vagator Beach and then spent some time on Anjuna Beach and some shopping time on the streets near Calangute beach.

Day 3 and by far the most interesting day (also happened to be my Birthday) we decided to go for the water sports. We started the day with Jet Ski’s also know as water Scooters. It was fun and i had the time of my life. On Priya’s insistence we decided to try the Banana ride. This was the most scariest thing for me as i could not swim. We had to get on this thin, long air filled raft like thing and a speed boat would take the raft somewhere in the middle of the sea and overturn the raft. I was scary and for me who always like to watch ‘Jaws’ movie i had a feeling that i would open my Eyes and have a shark waiting to get me :). After Dumping in the water was repeated about 4 times before we were left off.

Finally We went Para-sailing which was fun too, and soon it was time to pack our gear and come back to the regular life of working 9-5 and back to polluted and smoke filled cities.

One place i hated to come back from was Goa. I wished i could extend my holiday indefinably. I have read sentence on lots of tourist websites “The allure of Goa is that it remains quite distinct.” and i completely agree. and I hope to go back to Goa one of these days again.


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