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Once a Thief – Kay Hooper

With a priceless collection at stake… Is everything for the taking?

Its taken centuries for the banister family to collect their treasure and max is now risking his collection as a bait for the master criminal. And to protect his family fortune he must rely on the skills of his half brother Wolfe Nickerson, a security expert and Morgan West, the director of a prestigious San Francisco museum.

Morgan comes face-to-face with the mysterious Quinn, who is a world class ‘car burglar’. He has never been seen, caught or even heard.

The story mainly revolves around Wolfe Nickerson, who is a security expert at loyd’s of London and is responsible for the security of “Mysteries Past.” He gets involved with Storm Tremaine, a computer expert installing a super-system for the exhibit who is actually an Interpol agent.

The characters genuine and intuitive. I’m still trying to decide my favorite character, but I love everything about the ‘infamous’ Quinn. You can’t help not being able to put this book down. The more lies and manipulations and the more truth you learn, the more you’re pulled into reading. I liked the plot, what there was of it, knowing that it continued in the second novel.


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