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Haunting Rachel – Kay Hooper

Marrying Thomas Sheridan was all Rachel Grant ever wanted. Days before the wedding, he left to fly cargo to South America, and that night she had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen. The following morning she learned he had disappeared. His plane never reached its destination, and no trace of it was ever found.

The beautiful Rachel Grant put her heart and memories in cold storage following the disappearance of her fiancé. Her parents’ sudden death 10 years later forces her to return home to settle their estate, but she finds that more awaits her than selling off furniture and signing papers.

Adam Delafield’s been watching Rachel for days. He claims to owe the estate several million dollars, but there is no mention of him or of such a large transaction in her father’s papers. Rachel is naturally troubled by his looks, and accidents seem to happen whenever he is around, and Rachel’s life seems to be in danger. Then suddenly, even her father’s business associates and old friends seem to have something to hide.

As Rachel comes to know the mysterious stranger who resembles her dead lover, messages that seem to come from beyond the grave warn her away. She has no idea who wants her dead or why, but she must discover the truth before the next attempt succeeds.

Unlike Finding Laura or After Caroline
touches of the supernatural here are not as integral to the plot. However its still a great read.


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