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Sense of Evil – Kay Hooper

The Victims were beautiful, sucessful and blond. Someone was able to gain trust of these intelligent and confident women to take them away from safety. Their shocking murders have terrified the inhabitants of a small, peaceful town where such heinous crimes are simply not supposed to happen.

Rafe, the Chief of the town had to find answer fast before another woman is lured to death. When FBI send in their agents, he is more than suprised. Special Agent Isabel Adams was though and determined and BLOND.

Rafe can’t deny that Isabel has tuned in to the killer’s wavelength, is following the twisted thoughts of a murderer obsessed with stalking, seduction, and death. But in getting so close, Isabel has set herself up as the next victim. Now, with time running out, she and Rafe will find themselves forced to take the greatest risk of all, because this psychopath is playing for keeps and Isabel is the perfect trophy.

An Outstanding Read. Keeps ypu guessing till the end 🙂


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