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Goa Again

The people you are with makes a difference to how well you enjoy the place. In that case Priya defiantly scores higher. 3 years later I still feel nostalgic when I think of the Goa trip we did together.

On this trip I saw a different parts of Goa but I felt a little wasted as we had to spend a lot of time at restaurants or just waiting or thinking. Anyway that water under the bridge.
One place that is a must visit in Goa is Orzan Beach. Tucked being a hill and a hillock is this small and exquisite beach with barely any people. On one one end of this beach is a rock carved with face of Shiva on the stone. The carving is supposed to be a couple of hundreds of years old and done by a Portuguese man.
This beach is frequented by reclusive and by people who enjoy the silence. Just up the beach is are small guest house build of Bamboo and are pretty comfortable and nice to live in with basic comforts.
A walk in the evening on this beach to watch the sunset is an experience that will remain with you for a long time.
(Unfortunately this is one trip I have no pictures of, blame it on stupidity)

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