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I have been reading up about Coorg for sometime but something always happened to change my plans to visit there. Finally earlier this year I managed to visit the district of Coorg and in a sentence… The place caters to every kind of traveler.

Coorg is well connected from Bangalore by govt and private buses. The road is very good till
Mysore and a lil rough there on. But once we set into the district of Coorg as the bus goes through the ghat road.. the view is breath taking and the roads are lined with coffee and spice gardens. The air is perfumed with the smell of eucalyptus and coffee.
I started my Coorg trip at Bylakuppe. Bylakuppe is a Tibetan settlement and is also know as the second home for His Holiness Dalai Lama. The monastery here is famously know as “The Golden temple” was established in 1969 and houses about 4000 Monks.
This monastery houses 2 golden statues of Buddha and one statue of Tara which stand about 60 feet tall. The monastery is extremely quiet and peaceful during the week and is a lil crowded over the weekend with the weekend visitors.

This place also was heaven for the foodie in me. Across the temple are a few Tibetan restaurants and a must try here would be the Momo’s.
After a day at Bylakuppe I headed down to Dubare Elephant camp which is about 12Kms and one can easily get there with an auto or a taxi. The elephant camp is on the other side of the river and is accessible by a boat. The place is managed by Jungle Lodgesand is a Eco-resort.
Dubare is home to a wide range of animals like the wild gaur, spotted dear, Sambar and a wide range of birds along with the famous Asiatic elephants. The highlight of the Jungle lodges trip was the interaction with the elephants at the camp. One gets to help the manhout in giving them a bath and watch the elephants being groomed and fed.

The early morning Coracle ride at the camp is an experience one must not miss as the sun cuts
through the thick fog and the birds welcome the day with their pleasant chirping.

Overall the stay at the Jungle lodges was wonderful and the people here are very pleasant and helpful and made our trip memorable.
We headed further down to Medikeri, the district headquarters of Coorg and the name loosely translates as “dense forest on steep hill”. The road from Kushalnagar to Medikeri is a uphill drive with coffee and tea plantation on the side of the road and breath taking views.

We spent a lazy evening the streets of Medikeri and watched the sun set from the Raja’s seat. The legend here is that the King supposedly spent their evenings here. The sunset is spectacular with blue skies and the valley spread below. This place also has Musical fountains and a lot fun to watch.
Later we headed to Talacauvery, from where the River Kaveri orginates in Bhramagiri hills. A lil away from the temple is a path that led us to the top of the hill and with an great view. people here belive that Saptha Maharishi’s performed yagnas here.
A few more places to visit are The Abby falls, Omkareshwara temple, raja’s tombs, Bhrama Kundike/Bagamandala.
Coorg is famously known for their home stays where people let back packers stay in their houses for a nominal price and one gets to experience the culture. The lady we spent a day with was very helpful and guided us on the places to see and the best ways to commute.
No trip for me is complete without shopping 🙂 Like any tourist destination these places have a wide range of things to offer. I ended up with a huge Fan shaped showpiece from Bylakuppe with Chinese painting, a silk scarf and home-made chocolates from Medikeri.

But the best deal of all was at Bangalore, I bought about 7 pairs of footwear(I hope my Mom never reads this line of the post!!!).
Most websites refer to Coorg as the Scotland of
India… I haven’t seen Scotland yet… but I would say Coorg is one place one must see. The ideal time I would suggest to visit Coorg would be late in winter and in spring.
Oops I almost forgot my picture with the elephant 🙂

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