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Travel Stories – Episode 1

I have always been a backpacker. While travelling the most important thing I want are food, water and places to see with a preference for places with historical importance. What falls on the bottom of my list: clean clothes, hair dryer and  travelling iron, not that clean clothes are not important but just that I have more things to do when travelling than washing clothes. I like meeting new people, specially locals at the places I visit, it might be a random conversation but its still a feel good thing. Most of my friends are people I have met while travelling and it also make existing relation better, an opportunity to know yourself better and also know the other person better.

Often I travel with groups of people sometimes strangers and sometimes friends and sometimes alone and sometimes I have had strange experiences. But one experience that will always stay with me is when we were travelling to Keylong. The temperature was in single digits (a rarity for a south Indian to have) and at 11 in the night I got woken up by one of the girl I was sharing the room with asking me if I had an Iron box, unbelievably she was washing her jeans at 11 in the night at a place where the temperature is about 9 degrees on the celsius scale. I wonder how she planned to dry her jeans in keylong

Well my response, my other roommate thought I will kill the girl. AS it happens that was just the beginning of my adventure with her, well I call it an adventure coz we came back in one piece and we did not get to blows. But I guess its all in a days travel


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