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90 days of myself

Today marks 90 days of being by myself.. a first for me. Sure I have been by myself before but there always was a fallback.. someone to call when I got into trouble or a kitchen to head to when I was hungry.. between, work, family and friends I well cushioned. However this is truly only me. And Yes I have gone for days hungry coz I did not like the fact food needs to be made.

New city, no 3 AM friends, closest family a thousand miles away. But its been wonderful. I have done things I would not have done and never knew that one has to do.

  • Opened a Can of Food (whoever thought one can figure it out easily! Thank you Youtube) and realized that I have never opened a bottle of wine
  • Met someone from a country which I have never heard of before.
  • Made conversations with strangers at public places
  • Made friends with these strangers
  • Went out for an evening with myself & asked for a table for 1
  • Asked and accepted help
  • Met some amazing people who have only made me better
  • Met real life heros who have inspired me to be better
  • Had coffee with authors and yes a few authors (Star stuck too!!)
  • Danced like no one is watching

The firsts in the last 90 days have been a lot and its the fairy dust I needed to get better. Its the best roller coaster I have been on. Hoping for better things in the next 18 months.

~ Optimistic


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