Thrusday Thoughts #1

Have you ever wondered if really what goes around comes around? Is karma really a thing? There are days when I wonder does being honest, doing the right thing get you anything or anywhere. Especially, when you see nice people finishing last and people who cheat, go behind others, step on others get ahead always get ahead.

I like to believe that there is a balance in the universe, and what goes around come around. I do feel like sometimes there is a stronger power that is putting things in place for me, but most times it does not feel like it, especially when you have people lying and cheating.

Well, I do hope there is a balance, and the universe finds a way to help all those good people who go the extra mile to help other  May they be blessed with all the happiness and success, for without them the world would be a much dreary place.


What are you grateful for today?

The last couple of months has been a roller-coaster ride. Move to a new city, finding a job, finding a home, immigration paperwork and the list goes on. Emotional state: All over the place. There have been days where I felt at top of the world and some at the bottom. But as always people are the hardest factor for me. I just do not seem to still understand them. Or as one of my friend says I trust too many of them. This morning I woke up with a tune in my head and it stuck me what I was grateful for.

I love my family and my sisters are my pillars of strength. But I also think they are bound by blood to love me and support me no matter what and maybe because we have had a similar journey we are empathetic to each other. However, I am grateful for my soul family. My friends. People who have supported me through everything I was going through. friends who have listened when I was low, gave me strength and told me I am awesome, that the tide will turn, who have hoped and prayed for me. These lyrics will always hold true (Happy Birthday Mr. Khan) “Tere Darde Dil Ki Dava Hum Karenge, Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge”.

I am grateful for the friends who got me chocolate for I was celebrating Halloween and Diwali without my family. The fact I was in your thoughts means a lot to me. All the people who I did not know till a few weeks ago who are trying to help me get my life together.. Thank you!

I am not awesome coz of who I am, but I am awesome coz I have all of you. I am sure it will all fall apart again, but as long as you have people who have you in their thought, life will always fall back together.

What are you grateful for today?


Starting again in a new place, in a new country with a new culture was amazing and fun. But what made it fun and fabulous was faith. Faith that things would be okay, Faith that I would find strength to get up every time I fall, Faith that I could trust people who were around. Well, two of three ain’t bad. In 20 months I have been here, I have met some amazing people, some people who I thought were amazing but were not, and some who I did not initially think were amazing but turned out to be finer than the others. Life has bought curveballs, plenty of them, but it also gave the strength to catch them and the belief that the path will lead to the destination. Thank you for the Faith!

People still amaze me. Some who give, who don’t hold back. Some who need a reason and some for whom it is a transaction, some who try to get away with charm. But whoever you are, remember what you give is what you get and Karma loves to charge us a premium.

-In Good Faith

Winter 2014

I have a lot of mixed feeling about Canadian Winters. Sure they are picturesque, the silence is enjoyable. You get to bring out the best clothes. Its all about layering up, bundling and staying warm. But man does it snow here! It snows like its not gonna stop. I did not think the winter was ever gonna end. Six months is a long time to go without the sun. Six foot snow banks, frozen sidewalks..


   But as much as I hated it, I loved it. There were mornings when I fell in love all over again.


Flying Woes!

This has been a terrible year for traveling. Its been a lot of travel in the last 6 months and lots of airports and its been insane. I have had more experiences in the last 6 months than I have had in the last 8 years. I have had delayed flights, IT shutdowns in airports (Toronto), terrible pilots and finally I have delayed an flight thanks to a connection in Dubai.

I hoped for a better luck in the New Year but don’t seem to get lucky there. Or maybe I am lucky for I have always made it to the destination in-spite of all the things that happen.


90 days of myself

Today marks 90 days of being by myself.. a first for me. Sure I have been by myself before but there always was a fallback.. someone to call when I got into trouble or a kitchen to head to when I was hungry.. between, work, family and friends I well cushioned. However this is truly only me. And Yes I have gone for days hungry coz I did not like the fact food needs to be made.

New city, no 3 AM friends, closest family a thousand miles away. But its been wonderful. I have done things I would not have done and never knew that one has to do.

  • Opened a Can of Food (whoever thought one can figure it out easily! Thank you Youtube) and realized that I have never opened a bottle of wine
  • Met someone from a country which I have never heard of before.
  • Made conversations with strangers at public places
  • Made friends with these strangers
  • Went out for an evening with myself & asked for a table for 1
  • Asked and accepted help
  • Met some amazing people who have only made me better
  • Met real life heros who have inspired me to be better
  • Had coffee with authors and yes a few authors (Star stuck too!!)
  • Danced like no one is watching

The firsts in the last 90 days have been a lot and its the fairy dust I needed to get better. Its the best roller coaster I have been on. Hoping for better things in the next 18 months.

~ Optimistic

Why not us?

Someday people stump me. I wonder how we survived from going extinct. Well forget the “shooting your foot” kind of stupidity but its almost like social networking bought the crazies out (or gave them space to exhibit their crazy).

Well I have had the opportunity to meet some people who convinced me that as Homo Sapiens, we have managed to beat extinction by sheer numbers.


Destination… @@@@

Life’s greatest thrills is in not knowing. not knowing what’s coming next. where the next stop is. Every new city and new person brings in immense joy and happiness.

Well I am on the move. New city, new people, back to school and no family around. Its both scary and exciting. Sure nothing to fall back on when things go wrong, no one brew you tea when you catch a cold its a DIY life. Sprained ankle and you still go shopping yourself for groceries, nothing replaces itself.

But this is super cool. Am glad to have made the big move. There is no bigger teacher than living by yourself.