Starting again in a new place, in a new country with a new culture was amazing and fun. But what made it fun and fabulous was faith. Faith that things would be okay, Faith that I would find strength to get up every time I fall, Faith that I could trust people who were around. Well, two of three ain’t bad. In 20 months I have been here, I have met some amazing people, some people who I thought were amazing but were not, and some who I did not initially think were amazing but turned out to be finer than the others. Life has bought curveballs, plenty of them, but it also gave the strength to catch them and the belief that the path will lead to the destination. Thank you for the Faith!

People still amaze me. Some who give, who don’t hold back. Some who need a reason and some for whom it is a transaction, some who try to get away with charm. But whoever you are, remember what you give is what you get and Karma loves to charge us a premium.

-In Good Faith