What are you grateful for today?

The last couple of months has been a roller-coaster ride. Move to a new city, finding a job, finding a home, immigration paperwork and the list goes on. Emotional state: All over the place. There have been days where I felt at top of the world and some at the bottom. But as always people are the hardest factor for me. I just do not seem to still understand them. Or as one of my friend says I trust too many of them. This morning I woke up with a tune in my head and it stuck me what I was grateful for.

I love my family and my sisters are my pillars of strength. But I also think they are bound by blood to love me and support me no matter what and maybe because we have had a similar journey we are empathetic to each other. However, I am grateful for my soul family. My friends. People who have supported me through everything I was going through. friends who have listened when I was low, gave me strength and told me I am awesome, that the tide will turn, who have hoped and prayed for me. These lyrics will always hold true (Happy Birthday Mr. Khan) “Tere Darde Dil Ki Dava Hum Karenge, Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge”.

I am grateful for the friends who got me chocolate for I was celebrating Halloween and Diwali without my family. The fact I was in your thoughts means a lot to me. All the people who I did not know till a few weeks ago who are trying to help me get my life together.. Thank you!

I am not awesome coz of who I am, but I am awesome coz I have all of you. I am sure it will all fall apart again, but as long as you have people who have you in their thought, life will always fall back together.

What are you grateful for today?